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New Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Wallpapers

Borderlands 2 Skilltree wallpapers
Borderlands 2 Skilltree wallpapers

Wayback when Borderlands 2 was announced Gearbox Software was sharing some character artwork. This was early 2012 and I was hyped for this game. I started cutting out the artwork and used the Vault Hunter character renders to create some Borderlands 2 Wallpapers. This one-time event was well received and got me fired up to make some more. Well, we know where that leads me to… Yes over 200 Borderlands 2 Wallpapers !!!

As time went by Gearbox Software released a Launch Date Trailer for Borderlands 2. OH, MY BLEEP!!! The tune for the Trailer, Doomsday by Nero, got my blood pumping. This trailer was awesome. It showed off a lot of sweet features of the game. New vault hunters, new environments, new enemies, new weapons, and more.

But one of the things that stood out for me was the design of the new Skill tree menu. Not only did I pause the trailer to get a sneak peek at the skills inside the skill tree. Also, the look of this interface caught my eye. One thing that come to mind back then is, Would it not be great to have your own skill tree from the game as your desktop background? That way it looks like you never left the game.

Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer

New Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Wallpapers

This was an awesome idea, but later I found out it also was a lot of work. With the limited resources on the first attempt, I think I did a good job of recreating the interface design. I was quite proud back then, I didn’t make a lot of vector designs back then. Half a year later I redid all the interface wallpapers. Making new and improved vector shapes and adding some new layered effects resulted in an interface V2 wallpaper. As Borderlands 2 fans started speculating about new playable characters I even added Claptrap & Handsome Jack to these designs. Not knowing that they will actually be playable within Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.

New Vault Hunter Wallpapers

Now 2015 I’m still getting requests about a proper Gaige (the Mechromancer) interface wallpaper because the two ones I had used the concept artwork instead of an actual character render. One of the other requests is a version of Krieg the Psycho. I never got around to making one for him. But times have changed and I like to announce new versions of the interface wallpapers by also renaming them to skill tree wallpapers 😉

I balanced out some elements in the skill tree wallpapers. Replaced all the text with the proper Borderlands font, instead of using one that looks alike. Some Vault Hunters got a new character render and now there’s a little reflection of them in the HUD. Also removed a background effect so the wallpaper is cleaner and not that noisy. Moved the Borderlands logo to add to this effect. I hope you guys like the new Skill Tree Wallpapers.

Download Skill Tree Wallpapers

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