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Borderlands 2 Winter Wallpapers

Borderlands 2 Winter Wallpaper
Borderlands 2 Winter Wallpaper Collection

The starting location of Borderlands 2, Windshear Waste,  just in front of Claptrap’s hideout makes a good scenery for these winter wallpaper set. When first creating the landscape style wallpapers i used red bars in the Borderlands style on the top and the bottom of the  wallpaper  to mask the edges. As the background images i found on the official Borderlands website where not fullscreen i had to mask this. But for this xmas special i redesigned this look to be more fitting for the winter wonderland location. So the lower part is more snowy and the upper part is set in ice. Although the background images for this wallpaper was big enough to have it set to fullscreen i didn’t liked to do that as this would have been a too easy job.  It wouldn’t feel like it was something that i created.

With the  most wallpapers i created i would normally only make versions of the 4 Vault Hunters. This was one of the first series of wallpapers i made that included other characters. Yes i made  wallpapers for claptrap before but this one also contained Handsome Jack and a Bandit. When the promotion of Borderlands 2 started i noticed that Handsome Jack started to get popular. The Bandit was something different i wanted to do as i really liked the artwork of the character. As some time has passed since the original release back in 2012 i made some small tweaks to the design of the wallpaper.  From simply changing the location f the logo, but also adding a bit of a more snowy effect on the character renders. Also since i first started making these there has been some additional content to the game and two of those where the new vault hunters; Gaige the Mechromancer and Krieg the Psycho. Back in 2012 i only had the concept art of Gaige and Krieg wasn’t even discussed. Now these two  also get to shine in this winter wonderland wallpaper with proper character renders.

Winter Wallpaper Collection

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