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Borderlands 4 Could See Ava Following in Maya’s Footsteps

Will Ava follow in Maya's footsteps?
Will Ava follow in Maya's footsteps?

How is Ava going to rise up and combat her inner struggles or is she also going down like Maya before her?

Borderlands 4 is going to be a new chapter in Ava’s character arc and I’m sure Gearbox Software has great plans for her. Because at the end of Borderlands 3, Ava gained Maya’s Siren powers and is now the leader of the Crimson Raiders. That’s one heck of a burden to carry.

Is Ava going to lead the Vault Hunters into the foretold war all by herself or is she getting help from an unexpected visitor?

Spiritual Guidance

Maya has taken Ava under her wing as her progeny but is she able to continue that guidance from the beyond? Because Maya said she isn’t alone as she feels the ones that came before. Can Maya guide Ava on her journey from this mysterious siren realm? Kinda like how force ghosts in Star Wars can aid their Padawan.

This would immortalize old fan-favorite characters but they can also act as the Guardian Angel from the original Borderlands as she guided the Vault Hunters on their journey.

This interaction could expand on the Siren lore and push the story forward. Gearbox Software could explain what happens to Lilith or expand on the established 7th Siren.

Angels and Demons

Ava with Maya and Steele as spirit ghosts

Heck, if Maya is able to connect with Ava, what prevents other Sirens to do so? If Ava can have an angel in the form of Maya on her shoulder, will there be a demon on the other? It would be interesting if commandant Steele makes an appearance.

Star Wars also had its issues with force ghosts so this idea might be fun for a single game. Maybe Maya is only able to connect with Ava as long as she is in possession of her book. Toward the end of the game, the book might get destroyed which could lead to Ava needing to rise up and show that she is capable.

Ava was a teenager in Borderlands 3 and she needs to overcome her struggles and learn from her experiences. This could be achieved with a good rival which I covered in an earlier article or a mentor figure. We will have to wait and see when Borderlands 4 comes out.

This leaves me with the question, should old Sirens return as spirits in future Borderlands games? Let me know your opinion in the comments or tag @MentalMars on social media!

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