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This 1 Switch Could Change Borderlands 4 for the Better

Borderlands 4 Raid Boss Mode
Borderlands 4 Raid Boss Mode

How Borderlands 4 Can Captivate Vault Hunters

Borderlands 4 could captivate hardcode players by embracing one simple switch. True Vault Hunters love challenging bosses and want more Raid Bosses in the game. However, I can understand that designing Raid Bosses specifically for a subset of the player base isn’t very cost-effective. Not a lot of players are completing their games these days let alone making their way to a Raid Boss. However, there is the other spectrum of the community that can’t get enough of it. Gearbox Software can foster these dedicated players with a Raid Boss Switch.

Raid Boss Mode

What if you could flip a switch that turned every main story boss into a raid boss encounter?

The main story boss encounters are always well-crafted fights. They are engaging because they have interesting mechanics to them. These Boss Battles are more than just bullet sponges. While they are challenging they are crafted to be defeated by the average player but as a veteran player, you want a bigger challenge.

Sponge Boss Bulletpants
Sponge Boss Bulletpants

Borderlands 3 kinda did this with the True Trials Mode but these switches added bullet sponges to the game. The Proving Ground Bosses weren’t interesting encounters. Their Raid Boss-like health pools made them boring in my opinion. The only thing they tested was your damage output and your ammo efficiency.

If Gearbox Software implements a similar mechanic as True Trials to all the main story bosses in Borderlands 4, they would immediately have like ~15 interesting Raid Bosses at launch.

The chests after the (Vault) Boss could also be adjusted to provide legendary loot from a special loot pool.

Hopefully, the developers can make this a repeatable encounter by revealing a portal once the boss is defeated. This portal would send you back to the checkpoint just before the boss fight where you can stock up on ammo before jumping back in.

But the real question is, do you want to see this Raid Boss Mode in Borderlands 4? Let me know your opinion in the comments below or tag @MentalMars on social media.

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