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Borderlands 4 Should Give Moxxi Her Bar Back

Getting the Good Stuff From Moxxi in Borderlands 4
Getting the Good Stuff From Moxxi in Borderlands 4

Borderlands 4 should empower Moxxi again by giving back her bar and by reintroducing a lost feature in the franchise. Moxxtails need to return in Borderlands 4 since we actually have Moxxi’s Finest in real life now.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel introduced us to Moxxtails. These were cocktails that you could purchase from her as they were displayed on the counter of Moxxi’s Up & Over Bar. The stiff drinks provided you with a temporary buff that would help you on your way. However, they did not return in Borderlands 3 and therefore leaving Moxxi’s bar a bit empty as there weren’t a lot of reasons to return there.

Moxxi's Bar in Borderlands 3

Buffs are scientifically proven to work

It’s not that the Moxxtail buffs were a bad idea because Gearbox Software kinda brought them back with the Borderlands Science Mini-game. The Arcade Machine in Tannis’ Lab enabled you to purchase similar boosts for completing the mini-games.

The Borderlands Science Machine buffs were popular amongst the community. Giving the developers another good reason to implement them in Borderlands 4.

Buffs for new and veteran players

It is no secret that gamers finish their games less often than in the past. Moxxtails can help new players complete Borderlands 4 as they can provide that little buff to get you through challenging parts of the game.

New gamers aren’t the only ones that would benefit from Moxxtails. The “Hardcore Gamer” that likes to play through the game with multiple characters can also utilize them. Having boosters to help them through the story to reach the end game would be a warm welcome. These boosters can only be obtained by paying for them with Eridium, an End Game currency, which you can only small amounts of early on. This requires veteran players to juggle their expenses between getting benefits now or later.

Slot Machines in Moxxi's Bar

Pimp My Bar

Moxxi is a beloved character in the Borderlands franchise and she deserves a meaningful place in the game. Moxxtails gives the community a good reason to visit Moxxi but I think Gearbox Software could do more with her. Unless GBX is planning to kill her in the next game and let Zane run the bar but I wouldn’t mind having an arcade machine in the bar.

But the real question is, do you want to see Moxxtails return in Borderlands 4? Let me know your opinion in the comments below or tag @MentalMars on social media.

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  1. As a seemingly rare player that enjoyed Pre-Seq, I agree that Moxxi was sort of missed in 3, and one of the flattest characters in 3(aside from Handsome Jackpot). A term, that for many reasons, should never be associated with Moxxi. I was also surprised to see the Moxxtails not Return in 3. So, Yes. She should totally get them returned to her.. she Owns a Casino now. Give the woman her drinks back!


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