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Borderlands 4 Should Start With This Important Detail

Gearbox Software rubbed fans the wrong way by handling one of their characters poorly in Borderlands 3. While the developers wanted to include more story beats into the game they were forced to remove or shorten some aspects of the game due to pacing. However, these small tweaks had a major impact on some of the characters, and now Borderlands 4 needs to pick up the pieces.

Yes, I’m talking about Maya’s death in Borderlands 3 and how that affected the rest of the game. Because Gearbox Software removed the funeral scene from the game to quickly get players back into the action it left fans agitated about how one of their beloved characters was handled.

Ava became the most hated character in the community and Krieg needed a whole DLC to recover. That said, Gearbox Software revealed what could have been with the release of the Director’s Cut. This package contained a storyboard cinematic of Maya’s funeral scene as they initially planned it.

Borderlands 3 The Director's Cut Deleted Scene [SPOILERS]

The community really latched on to this version of events, however, moving forward to Borderlands 4 it is likely that these events aren’t canon. A lead writer at Gearbox Software said they probably cannot use that because not everyone got to experience the Director’s Cut.

I could counter that by saying the scene was also uploaded to the official Borderlands YouTube channel and other social media and therefore a larger audience did experience it. But there is also something else that the Gearbox developers can do to make Maya’s funeral scene canon.

Lilith and Ava talking about Maya's death and her vision

The story of Borderlands 4 will likely pick up after the events of Borderlands 3. Therefore, Vault Hunters will need to address what’s going on with Lilith but in doing so, Gearbox could add segments of Maya’s funeral scene in a flashback where Ava tells their motivations on why they need to rescue Lilith because there was this moment during the funeral.

The writers can make it canon by turning this into an offscreen event and making it part of a flashback in Borderlands 4. That way there is some backstory for new players while respecting established fans. The story is Borderlands 4 shouldn’t lean on this but can enrich the experience as there is established lore that new players could go back to and experience for themselves.

Let me know what you think in the comments or tag MentalMars on social media. Do you think Maya’s finished scene should be made canon?

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