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Achievement Unlocked: Borderlands Social Shoutout Which Overloaded My Site

Borderlands Remastered
Borderlands Remastered

Last week my website got featured on the official Borderlands Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter &  Tumblr). Even 2K, the publisher of the Borderlands highlighted mentalmars.com on their social feed. This is really awesome and I got a lot of good feedback from the Borderlands community. I have seen a lot of likes, shares, retweets & recommendations. Visitors started sharing my Borderlands Wallpapers and all this resulted in a huge increase in traffic. Breaking every record I ever achieved on this site.

Shoutout by Official Borderlands Socials

Community Overload

There was one downside to all this awesomeness. There were some people responding that they were getting errors on my site. So when investigating and contacting my hosting provider.  Due to the insanely huge increase in search queries, the server reached its max on CPU & Memory usage. therefore it couldn’t complete some requests. This resulted in errors on my website, so some of you might not have had a great experience those few days. As you can see from the performance chart on the right, there is a big spike. So normally everything runs well, but if my website grows a lot more then I’ll need to upgrade to a new server.

website traffic error
website traffic error
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