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Borderlands Skill Tree Wallpapers

Borderlands Classic Skill Tree Wallpaper
Borderlands Classic Skill Tree Wallpaper

When I first started making Borderlands 2 wallpapers they were your “common” wallpapers. But as I was excited for that game to come out I was quite ambitious about making them.

After Gearbox Software released the Doomsday trailer of Borderlands 2 I got my first glimpse of the newly designed menu as the trailer showed off the skill tree.

This sparked a cool idea in my mind, what if you could have the game menu on your desktop? By placing your desktop icons onto the grids it’s kinda if you never left the game. This small idea was a bigger undertaking than I first imagined, but that said I did pull it off and I’m kinda proud of the achievement.

Since I have been making Borderlands 2 Wallpaper I have been getting requests for Borderlands 1 Wallpapers. Even when I started making Wallpapers for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel I was pointed out how popular the original Vault Hunters are.  Because of my busy schedule I never got around to it, but with the release of Xbox One backward compatibility, I thought this is the moment.

As the original Borderlands is part of the first wave of backward-compatible games. That got me started on making wallpapers for the first game.

One goal I set for myself was to recreate the classic skill tree as a desktop background like I did with the other games. Once again this took some time to get everything right, but I reached my goal and am proud to finally show these off.

Borderlands Skill Tree Wallpapers

Borderlands Skill Tree Wallpaper

Borderlands Icon Pack

Upgrade your wallpaper by using these Borderlands-themed (desktop) Icons.

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