Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Achievement Unlocked

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Athena Wallpaper
Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Athena Wallpaper

Last week i woke up nothing special just another day i had to go to work, but before i left i checked out my social feed. Oh i got mentioned on Twitter..oke who is it, will it be my cousin for the millionth time. Nope…. WHAT… Gearbox Software…What is this madness ? It’s seems they like fanart…MY Borderlands the Pre-Sequel fanart, YES ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED !!! So i’m now officially on the Gearbox Software website. It’s great that the people that inspire you like your work and hopefully i can inspire them. You can check out the article on the gearbox website you can see my wallpaper and some other fanart.

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