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Everything You Didn’t See – Update Nov 2022

Channel Update Nov 2022

Hey welcome to another Update and tell you what has kept me busy over the last month. I can tell you it has been a busy month again and I’m happy with the progress I’m making.

Personal Update

The family and I went on a 2-day “Mini Vacation” here in Holland. Actually, it was centered around visiting my wife’s grandparents but they live on the other side of the country and for the kids, it is a long travel. So we went to a big indoor playground that also features a laser game hall and more. Then stayed at a hotel to visit our grandparents the next day.

I received a care package from 2K Games as they released New Tales From The Borderlands. It’s really cool that they do this. My youngest son snatched the Security Card and wore it for 3 days straight. I played along pretending to be a Security Door.

I have been trying to level up myself by watching a lot of “How to” videos on youtube about building websites, social media, youtube, and more. I also share that knowledge in 2K’s NextMakers program. It’s also great to help other creators succeed.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Just before the previous channel update, Gearbox Software changed the whole Chaos Level system. So I updated that and a ton of other content. I also created some pages that explain some of the game’s mechanics.

The Hunt

I designed Merch for the Borderlands community event: The Hunt. While it was themed around Halloween, I decided to not follow that and design something that could be worn even after Halloween ended.

One design was an updated one of the 2021 edition because I still see people wear that one and I thought some of them might want an updated one.

The other design leaned into the scavenger hunt as lots of streamers shout out POINTS when getting a required item.

While the event is still going, I’m happy I can support this awesome community event and help raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Borderlands 3

This HUB received some content touch-ups. Some of the older pages had some spelling issues and I restructured a few guides to be more user-friendly.

New Tales From The Borderlands

New Tales From The Borderlands is the latest game that Gearbox Software and 2K Games released. I received an early access copy and created a bunch of content about the game. Since it’s a slow-paced game some things take time.


Yes, Youtube. While my focus has always been on the site, I actually also have a Youtube channel. I still plan to do more with it than I’m currently doing but there is a ton of things I wanted to do on my site first.

  • I secured my @MentalMars handle on Youtube
  • I’m practicing with BL3 Black Market and TTWL Loot Room videos to improve my editing and get into that groove again.
  • Adding some old content to Youtube because previously embedded videos broke or don’t give a good user experience.

Social Media

I feel like I have been pretty quiet on my social media channels because I’m busy leveling up the site. I won’t ignore you on social media, I just haven’t actively been making social media content. I have ideas for that but my priorities have been on this site.


I disabled HUB headers on some articles for a few weeks, however, this had some other consequences on sub-pages I didn’t foresee. Therefore, I revered the test and enabled them again as it didn’t deliver a great user experience.

My ads provider requested that I changed the position of the header ad. So that’s why that changed. I don’t like ads as much as you do but they allow me to do what I do.

If you don’t like ads and still want to support me, you can become a member on Patreon. That way you not just help level up the site but also gain some sweet perks yourself.

Thank You!

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