Designing the Battleborn Cinematic with Storyboards

Making of the Battleborn Cinematic StoryBoard
Making of the Battleborn Cinematic StoryBoard

In a sea of CG cinematic and openers Gearbox Software did something fresh for Battleborn. To get players pumped for the game it features an animated short.  To make this possible Gearbox teamed up with  animation studio Secret Sauce and hip hop group Deltron 3030. With a Japanese-inspired anime look the animation team was cut loose. They avoided correcting every single drawing to look perfectly  and belt out the equivalent of a guitar solo. But how was this highly stylized intro achieved ? Check out the making of gallery and these reels containing the Battleborn storyboards.

Making the ‘Battleborn’ cinematic

Battleborn StoryBoard Reel

Here is the storyboard reel from the Battleborn Cinematic by Kam Kalambay who is a Freelance Concept artist and story boarder.

Battleborn Animation Reel

Here is some 3D character and camera animation from the Battleborn Cinematic by Alok Joshi who is a Freelance CG Animator/Motion Graphics Artist.

Battleborn Test footage

Here are some additional test storyboards that  Kalomika Arts needed to make in order to land the job. While these are not cannon they do show some interesting battles.


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