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Dreaming about the things to come – Battlebread Update September 2018

Battlebread Update

Hey MentalMars here, It’s time for another update on how things are going and what I have been up to.

Summer Holiday Break

This summer the family and I have been going on an 11-day holiday. We rented a small bungalow on the other side of Holland. I always have mixed feelings about going away during my vacation. The beds are always terrible, so after a few days, my body is wrecked which keeps me from doing fun stuff. These trips also keep me away from my computer and therefore I cannot create the content I want to do for you. However, it is good that we all get a break from time to time. Currently, this is a big theme on Youtube where we see a lot of creators talk about feeling burned out. Talking about personal experience, creating content consumes a lot of time. Viewers might see a 5-minute video, but this doesn’t mean it only took 5 minutes to produce. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that you don’t see.

Last year when I got back from my holiday trip I found emails from people asking about the latest SHiFT Codes as I didn’t update the list for a week. Therefore I expected a few this year, but none of that stuff this year. I do keep getting emails from companies that offer deals to improve my google rankings or boost my ad revenue. It’s great that they want to improve my ad revenue, but with a 86% ad-blocker rate on this site that isn’t going to do a lot. So if you want to support the channel, one of the things you can do is to add this site to your whitelist.

I’m Groot

Yes, my last name is ‘Groot’, which means ‘big’ in Dutch. As of today, I want to announce that my little family of 3 is getting bigger because we are expecting a baby. My wife is currently 20 weeks pregnant and we just got home from the “big 20-week ultrasound check-up”. Everything looks healthy and we are excited to meet him/her in person in early January 2019.

Website Updates

After Battleborn Day, I secretly had been working on a new website. As I mentioned in that blog I have and will keep working to improve the site.

I have been rewriting some cool articles about Battleborn and Borderlands 3. However, I also want to make a Youtube video of those articles because I think they are interesting stories to tell. Although my focus has been more on the site this last year instead of juggling 2 channels. Hopefully, I can present that content as soon as possible to you.

Quantum Break

During my vacation, I started playing Quantum Break. I bought the game a long time ago, but never really played it. This summer I started playing the game and really got captivated by the story. Quantum Break does feature the mechanics you are kind of used to in a Remedy game. Cool shootouts and slow-motion effects. Remedy started doing that with the first Max Payne game. While Quantum Break has a different take on the time control mechanics it does provide interesting and fun gameplay. I also enjoyed the mini TV series you get in between the chapters.

So first you play 4 acts as the hero, then you get presented with 1 act where you play the villain. During this junction point, you get to choose the actions of the antagonist that will determine how things will go onwards. Because based on your choice you will get a different TV episode. Your actions in the game and the choices you make will add various segments to the TV series. So if you didn’t uncover a hidden clue in the game as the hero you won’t get to see that unfold in the TV episode.

Quantum Break is an awesome game with a good story and gameplay. This game was on my radar for a while and I did make some Quantum Break Wallpapers back in the day. Hopefully, Remedy Entertainment gets to make a sequel to the game. However, Microsoft is currently not interested in a follow-up, therefore, Remedy is partnering up with 505_Games and is making Contol.

Once again thank you for being a supporter!

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