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E3 2014 Awesome Wallpapers Forecast

E3 Wallpaper
E3 Wallpaper

E3 2014, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us, in a few days the LA convention center will be filled with the hottest games to date. I am also looking forward to this event, last year I even took the week off for this. Sadly I can’t in because it’s only for the press or if you work in the games industry, so ill have to watch it online. A few years back you got the news from your favorite gaming website. Then Gamespot started live streaming the press conferences, nowadays it’s almost a 24-hour live stream. There’s always a lot of content to discover within these few days.

Currently, I don’t own a next-gen console, so this E3 can decide if ill be buying a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One. So I wonder what they got in store this year. I do get a Wii U, Nintendo somehow always delivers great games, currently playing the new Mario Kart 8. Every cup I play I pick a different character because somehow I need to collect stamps and you get one per character if you finish one cup.

Ubisoft has been rocking E3 hard these last few years, they put up a great show year after year, so I wonder what they got for us this year. the Division, Rainbow Six, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and No Watch Dogs this time that just got released and Rainbox Six is still unknown.

Not a great fan of EA games, and if I had an interest in an EA game it played crappy or got canceled 🙁 So my main focus will be on Nintendo, Ubisoft & Microsoft, and Microsoft because I also got the Xbox360 so maybe I need an upgrade. There are a lot of publishers to discuss and it would be a really long blog if I talked about them all so ill leave it with this.

Hopefully, the publishers will be releasing some quality artwork so I can create some more awesome wallpapers for you guys, and yes of course I got my eye on Borderlands the Pre-Sequel don’t you worry.

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