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Achievement Unlocked: Turtle Rock Studios Praises My Evolve Wallpaper

Evolve Wallpaper - Hunter or Hunted
Evolve Wallpaper - Hunter or Hunted

I recently made a wallpaper about the game Evolve. It’s the upcoming title by Turtle Rock Studios, the creators behind Left 4 Dead. Well, it seems like my little social media promotion caught someone’s eye.

I posted the Evolve Wallpaper just before I went to bed, but when I got up the next morning I noticed someone replied to my tweet.

@mentalmars @EvolveGame This is so cool, I love the concept and you captured some of the tension of the inevitable standoff. Great work!

— Chloe (@ChloeSkew) March 25, 2014

At first, I thought that’s nice, some kind words.

Then I wondered; who is this person… BAM! It’s the PR & Marketing Manager of Turtle Rock Studios !!! That’s a shocking wake-up call, it made my day!

I didn’t think someone from the studio behind the game would reply. Later when I got home from work I see that one of the programmers from the studio likes my wallpapers.

So I guess I’m doing something right 🙂

Got a few cool ideas for more Evolve Wallpapers, also I hope Turtle Rock Studios or 2K Games will be releasing some more artwork for me to work with.

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