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Battlebread Update February 2020

February Update - MentalMars
February Update - MentalMars

Hey MentalMars here and welcome to the February update.

Last month I did an interview with Gearbox Software’s Social Product Owner, Scott Velasquez, about creating the ECHOcast twitch extension for Borderlands 3. It was definitely an interesting interview. I learned some new stuff. I gave Scott also a few ideas for the ECHOcast, to which I received some surprising answers.

Taking about an interview, I’m working on setting up an interview with Vanessa who is a level designer at Gearbox Software. I think this can also be an interesting interview.

Besides having cool development stories about the creation of Borderlands 3, I also want to tell stories of my own. Throughout the years that I have been a content creator, I have experienced a lot of great moments and I would like to share those with you. Tell you about things that have been going on behind the scenes. The first introduction story is already up on the site and it’s about how I came up with the name MentalMars.

Furthermore, I’m going to put out more Borderlands 3 guides. I also want to add more legendary items to the database. I don’t expect that I’m able to index all the remaining items this month because it’s a lot of work and I still have to do this in my spare time. I did add a few new Borderlands 3 Character Guides to the site. These badass builds are made by fellow content creators and friends of the site. I think they do a great job and this way I can do a shout-out to them.

Thank you for all your support. More awesome stuff coming up as I continue to work on future content.

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I'm a Content Creator by day and a BattleBread Baker at night. I'll provide you with your recommended slice of entertainment! I'm a Gearbox Community Badass and a proud member of the official Borderlands & Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Creator Team (2K Games / NextMakers).

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