New T-Shirts and other Fortnite Merchandise Available

Fortnite Merchandise
Fortnite Merchandise

Get your sweet sweet loot today, because Epic games has put out some cool Fortnite merchandise. You can get various Fortnite and/or Fortnite Battle Royale t-shirts and hoodies from  amazon. There are some other fun designs out there besides the ones you see in the featured image above, so check out the store if you are into that.

Here in Holland things can get pretty cold, so a sweet hoodie  will keep me warm. From the Fortnite merch that  is current available  I really like the “99 Problems” but i also had a good laugh at the “Durrr Burger” design.

Pro Tip: the tshirts are slim fit, so if you don’t like your shirts to be tight and rather loosen things up grab a bigger size.   For all your other Fortnite (Battle Royal) tips check out these guides.

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