Fury Potato Merchandise

Battleborn Merchandise - Oscar Mike - Fury Potato
Battleborn Merchandise - Oscar Mike - Fury Potato

Hey guys  i made some t-shirt designs that you can buy at teesprings  (also available in hoodies and a pillow). This all started out just for the laughs. If you followed me on twitter this weekend you saw this thing come to life. This weekend I saw a fellow content creator Ki11erSix promote his t-shirt at teesprings. I joked about it with my own BattleBread t-shirt and later made a Fury Potato t-shirt for Jim who is the Voice Actor of Oscar Mike. I designed it a bit to have that cracked Borderlands feel from the Doomsday trailer and layered in onto a greenish shirt because of Oscar Mike’s default color. This tweet got some feedback from the community which mentioned that it needed more explosions and cats. I thought i could replace the cracked text with a explosive texture with ease. However designing the explosion took longer than i thought. But all fun and laughs so i uploaded that image, however later that day this thing kept me thinking. I could make this design more interesting by adding the fury potato and having it chip away a bit of the letters.

Fury Potato Design Iterations

Fury Potato Designs

The response for the firsts where great and a few community members expressed themselves that they would actually want to but that shirt. That’s what me decide to setup the store so you guys can enjoy it. Beya liked the first explosion version more than the later redesign, therefore i put up both at the store. Jim thought the shirt still needed more cats so he added a cat in the red shirt. Now i got quality marketing material with cats showcasing the designs, LOL.


Designed With The Community For the Community

This wasn’t something i planned on, it just rapidly evolved into this thing over the weekend. I liked the idea and if i can bring more enjoyment to you guys that’s just awesome. Talking about  fun, i thought it would be funny to have a pillow with Fury Potato on it so you can throw fury potatoes yourself.

PROTIP: I setup each item twice! One will be printed in the US and one will be printed in the EU. Check the title for US or EU versions, pick your region so you can save on shipping cost.

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