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Fury Potato Merchandise

Battleborn Merchandise - Oscar Mike - Fury Potato
Battleborn Merchandise - Oscar Mike - Fury Potato

Hey guys, I made some t-shirt designs that you can buy at Teesprings  (also available in hoodies and a pillow). This all started out just for the laughs. If you followed me on Twitter this weekend you saw this thing come to life.

This weekend I saw a fellow content creator Ki11erSix promote his t-shirt at Teesprings. I joked about it with my own BattleBread t-shirt and later made a Fury Potato t-shirt for Jim who is the Voice Actor of Oscar Mike.

I designed it a bit to have that cracked Borderlands feel from the Doomsday trailer and layered it onto a greenish shirt because of Oscar Mike’s default color. This tweet got some feedback from the community which mentioned that it needed more explosions and cats.

I thought I could replace the cracked text with an explosive texture with ease. However, designing the explosion took longer than I thought. But all fun and laughs so I uploaded that image, however, later that day this thing kept me thinking.

I could make this design more interesting by adding the fury potato and having it chip away a bit of the text.

Fury Potato Design Iterations

Fury Potato Designs

The response to the shirts where great and a few community members expressed themselves that they would actually want to buy that shirt. That’s why I decide to set up the store so you guys can enjoy it. Beya liked the first explosion version more than the later redesign, therefore I put up both at the store. Jim thought the shirt still needed more cats so he added a cat in the red shirt. Now I got quality marketing material with cats showcasing the designs, LOL.


Designed With The Community For the Community

This wasn’t something I planned on, it just rapidly evolved into this thing over the weekend. I liked the idea and if I can bring more enjoyment to you guys that’s just awesome. Talking about fun, I thought it would be funny to have a pillow with Fury Potato on it so you can throw fury potatoes yourself.

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