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I Hosted A Borderlands 3 Community Event

I Got to Host A Borderlands Event
I Got to Host Maurice's Community Carnage - Community Challenges

In 2021, I hosted Borderlands 3’s “Maurice’s Community Carnage Challenges” on my site.

I was initially contacted by Josh from 2K Games if I wanted to help with a Borderlands Community Challenge. He contacted me because I’m part of their partner NextMakers program but I’m also a creator who has been in the community for over a decade and has experience running an event like Battleborn Day.

MentalMars on Borderlands Site - Community Challenge

Later on, Cami from 2K Games followed up on the event. They wanted a place where the Borderlands community could track their progress on the event.

That’s when I told her about the old Loot Hunt that Gearbox Software and 2K Games did with Borderlands 2. That is the original community challenge that inspired The Hunt Community Event.

It’s an honor that Gearbox Software and 2K Games entrusted me with the task to host Maurice’s Community Carnage Challenges.

Borderlands 3 Community Event Preview

I wanted the community to have a special page where they could check their progress. So I pulled out my designing skills and constructed a cool layout.

As the page started taking shape, I sent my contacts at 2K Games some screenshots from my work. They got excited and started sharing them at the office.

There was a private Discord group where, Josh (Global Influencer Marketing Manager), Cami (Global Influencer Marketing Manager), Scott (Director of Global Influencer Marketing), Brandon (Sr. Social Media Manager), and I were in.

Updates about the event would run through this channel.

When the event went live, the community was curious about their progress, however, it appeared we couldn’t get live data. That’s when I started checking Twitch as the community was trying to complete the challenge. A bunch of streamers had a kill counter up on their screen, so I was able to update the progress that way for a few hours.

Maurice’s Community Carnage Challenges started on October 14, 2021, and ran for five weeks. I updated the stats on my site on a daily basis.

After this event, Josh contacted me once again, if I wanted to help out Ki11erSix with the next Community Hunt Event.

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