I’m a Top Competitor of the Official Borderlands Site

I found out that MentalMars.com is a top competitor to the Borderlands.com website by Gearbox Software and 2K Games.
MentalMars Top Competitor to Borderlands
MentalMars Top Competitor to Borderlands

Becoming an Authority

When you write articles on a site or create videos on youtube, you want your content to be found. Because you want to help or entertain someone else. Therefore, you try and optimize your content for the almighty “algorithms”. When you keep producing value for a long time, you can become an authority in your field. In my case, I write a lot about Gearbox Software games. It’s awesome that I got recognized by the developer as a community badass and even have a personal easter egg in one of their games. The publisher of Borderlands and Battleborn, 2K Games, even was excited to work with me. They included me in their marketing for Battleborn and Borderlands 3. For example, I got invited to the Battleborn Gamescom presentation and the big Borderlands 3 reveal event.

MentalMars a Top Competitor

Today I thought it would be fun to check what the official borderlands site is ranking on with their search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, I inserted borderlands.com into the MOZ Domain analysis tool. MOZ is one of the big SEO players in the industry and their tool lets you see various ranking factors. Since I never used the tool before I was surprised by the fact that there is also a list that shows relevant competitors.

Top Search Competitors for Official Borderlands Site

Top Search Competitors for Official Borderlands Site

Oke! So if I can compete with Borderlands.com let’s see how well the site does against Battleborn.com. Because that’s also a game by Gearbox Software and 2K Games that I have covered a lot.

Top Search Competitors for Official Battleborn Site

Top Search Competitors for Official Battleborn Site

I was shocked to see mentalmars.com in the list of top competitors. This means that I’m doing something right. There are a lot of high profile sites, like IGN, that have dedicated hubs and wikis for these games. Therefore, it’s weird and also awesome to see that this site is being placed as a relevant competitor. It is just insane that the site even outperforms Youtube with Battleborn content. It does look like, there is still some work to be done on the so-called “Domain Authority”. This is making sure the site runs technically flawless, has a lot of big sites link to you, and a lot of more. One of the things you can do to help is by sharing my content on social media or Reddit. It’s one of the little things you can do to support a creator but actually helps out a lot.

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  1. Good luck!
    I’m working on Google Ads right now for my job, so you posting this helped me as well.

    • So, now I get all the best ads 😛


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