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I’m on the Borderlands Timeline

Borderlands Timeline Award
Borderlands Timeline Award

With the release of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and Tales of the Borderlands, 2K Games and Gearbox Software released the official Borderlands Timeline. On this infographic is a timeline that explains where each game takes place in the Borderlands Universe.

It’s a cool-looking comic with some awesome artwork & screenshots from the games. The only one this caught my eye is the second to last image on the timeline infographic. This isn’t official art but actually, a Borderlands wallpaper created by me, MentalMars

Out of all the artwork that was used one fanart made it up there. This is totally Badass, my first ever Borderlands wallpaper that I made got highlighted to the whole community.


Borderlands 2 MentalMars Achievement
Click for the full Borderlands timeline infographic


This Borderlands Wallpaper was originally made in the HD format 1920×1080, but for this special occasion, I dug up the old project files and did some work to make it fit other sizes as well.

If you want to read more about this Borderlands Wallpaper check out the official download page. If you want to get to the goodies right away I posted the download links below, thanks and enjoy!

1920x1200 1680x1050 1440 x 900

1920x1080 1600 x 900 1366 x 768

1600x1200 1280x1024

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