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Is Battleborn Still Worth Buying?

Does Battleborn have value if you want to start playing today? Let's dive into the big questions and check out the current state of the game.
Battleborn Worth Buying
Battleborn Worth Buying

Should I Buy Battleborn

Update Article: November 29, 2019

The End is Near, Battleborn is Shutting Down.

Original Article: Augustus 10, 2018

One of the big questions about Battleborn is; “Is Battleborn still worth buying?” and all I can tell you is yes! But let me tell you why I think Battleborn is still worth picking up. Because I believe that Gearbox Software made a great game. And at this point, you might start asking yourself; “should I take this guy seriously?” Yes, I am a GBX Community Badass who is passionate about Battleborn. However, I can also tell you that the game fell short in some spaces. Does this mean Battleborn is a bad game? Well, no, you can check numerous reviews and see that the ratings are pretty decent. Battleborn got a lot of hate early on and fell into the meme, but the game actually delivers an enjoyable experience. Gearbox Software did listen to a lot of community feedback and improved the gameplay experience a lot since the release.

Isn’t Battleborn Dead?

Nope! The Battleborn servers are live and Gearbox has no plans on taking them down. If you look at it, this so-called “dead game” outlived other hero shooters that also had MOBA elements. I’m not trying to jab on the other games, because I can mention them by name but it is sad to see someone’s favorite game disappear. I’m a passionate gamer and we all should be able to play the games we enjoy.

But no one is playing, right?

Battleborn does have a low player count at the moment. You probably have seen the low player base on social media where trolls like to post the steam charts. However, I can tell you that the player base on consoles is a lot better as queue times are a lot faster over there. Like everyone else, I can’t show you actual numbers as these are not publicly available.

If you are looking for a battle buddy go to the Battleborn Discord channel. Here you can talk about the game all day and are likely to find someone who also wants to play with you.

No more updates?

Yes, there was a big news outbreak on every game site that mentioned that Battleborn wouldn’t receive any more updates. But the fact is that what you have read was misinterpreted and written for the clicks. The whole “Battleborn vs Overwatch” competition was created to rally fans against each other for the benefit of views (read: ad income).

It is true that Gearbox Software stopped active development on the game. This means that they are not making new content in the form of new heroes, maps, and missions. However, since that announcement, the game did still get a few quality-of-life hotfixes. So little tweaks are still possible, but they won’t rework entire heroes.

What has Battleborn to offer?

Battleborn is a hero shooter with 30 playable characters, each having their own unique set of skills and playstyle. You can dive into the story campaign containing 8 highly replayable missions or you can play one of the 5 multiplayer modes where you head-to-head in a 5 vs 5 multiplayer match.

But is it worth it?

No one can determine your sense of value. But Battleborn is crazy cheap It is practically a steal, the amount you have to pay compared to the amount of gameplay. However, if you want to give the game a test run before you upgrade to the full retail game you can always check out the free trial, which is basically a free-to-play version of the multiplayer mode.

The free trial is a nice way to try out the game, but it doesn’t contain the story mode which for me personally is a big selling point of the game. I always compared it as a ‘Borderlands lite’ experience. You get a compact progression growth during 1 play session instead of the long arc you are used to in a Borderlands game. However, comparing Battleborn as a ‘Borderlands lite’ experience is cutting corners because Battleborn has its own rich universe and interesting characters to explore.

I wish a lot more people could put the meme aside and judge the game for themselves. Because I have seen a lot of people that were actually surprised how much fun the game is. If you have any more questions about the game then check out my Battleborn FAQ or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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