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Kleese Playable Hero in Battleborn?

Kleese Playable Hero in Battleborn
Kleese Playable Hero in Battleborn

Battleborn has a wide range of playable characters. Of the 25 heroes, there are currently 16 unveiled. One is more wacky than the other. But I noticed a trend and that is that the playable heroes can be part of the story missions in some way. In the cooperative story campaign, we have seen Mellka be part of the mission, but she is also a playable hero. This also goes for ISIC who we have seen as the evil nemesis in the second mission on Blizz.


So which characters have we seen but are not announced as playable heroes? During the gameplay trailer, we were introduced to Kleese. For now, he is kinda known for his narration and guiding you through the story mode. But what if Kleese was a playable hero? He is there to help the Battleborn during the mission so what if he took manners into his own hands and went buck wild during the assault? So suit up Kleese you got a job to do!

I kinda envisioned Kleese to be a lab professor who builds eccentric hi-tech gadgets. During the introductions of the E3 Gameplay video, Kleese mentions that Phoebe is one of the LLC’s greatest engineers, but not as good as himself. Stating that Kleese is also LLC and that he is a techy kinda guy. As Kleese speaks throughout the video he is kinda goofy. Therefore I imagine he will be a skinny guy wearing hi-tech rocket boots and some nifty arm pads to remote control his gadgets. Although that thing around his head on his profile picture kinda suggests he can operate things by using his mind. Also, I would like to see Kleese ride a hoverboard because; space science (back to the future). The Last Light Consortium is still missing a healer in their faction. Could this ‘helpless’ old man be our savior? As the LLC is a more techy faction I think the healing portion will be done on the shield side of the player’s ‘lifebar’. A shield restoring Klees in combination with ISIC will make them unstoppable wha wha ha.


A Goofy professor is always fun and because Gearbox can make fun of everything why give Kleese a dark side like Jekyll and Hyde? This could be his ultimate ability. On activation, Kleese drinks a secret potion that is infused with the power of shards. This not only makes him a big shining lightbolt but also transforms him into some kind of hulk. If you are familiar with Borderlands 2, there was a playable character called Krieg. On activation of his action skill he was able to go berserk and go on a killing frenzy. As he mutated into this larger beast form, making him an unstoppable force. Combining this with a goofy professor can create some fun dialogue during battle.

Although, this idea reminds me of the game MDK2 where you could play Dr. Fluke Hawkins, a scientist with an atomic toaster that propels radioactive toast to shoot your enemies. But what do you think will this Goofy old professor join the battle?

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