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Launch of MentalMars.com

Welcome to MentalMars.com, it’s finally LIVE !!!

Still, a lot has to be done, only the core elements are in place. I hope I can get things in place soon, step by step we will get there. When all this is happening things are a bit crazy but I will be making new game wallpapers every week. A comment system is in place so you all can leave feedback here on the site, it’s powered by Disqus so you can use a Disqus account or simply log in through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Also, I am working on a ranking system so you all can rate my creations with a simple button press, no account is needed. Other stuff I’m still looking into, but like I said things are busy at the moment until then stay tuned.

Legacy Content:

In the past, I made a lot of content and I’m looking to get some awesome stuff on this new site. If you can’t wait you can find it on mentalmars.deviantart.com where all this started. Their you will mainly find my Borderlands 2 content:

  • Wallpapers
  • Facebook Covers
  • Desktop Icons
  • Stamps
  • iPhone Skins
  • Android Backgrounds

Future Content:

Mentalmars.com will be my main channel so you will find all your new content over here, it won’t be limited to just Borderlands content. I will be making Game Wallpapers of new and existing franchises, to give you some examples: Super Mario, Destiny, Evolve, The Division & Watch_Dogs!

If you want to stay up-to-date follow me on:

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