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Launch of a Redesign

Game wallpapers
Game wallpapers

Welcome to the new and improved website!

I started this website earlier this year and the main focus was to display my wallpapers. I intended it to be something like a portfolio. Therefore, I had a responsive portfolio-styled theme, however, later I found out that it wasn’t completely responsive. I worked around that and fixed the problem but after a while, I started discovering more and more problems. For example, I noticed that on desktops the preview image would scale so big that visitors started to think that the preview image was the actual wallpaper. Which caused them to disregard the download buttons with the different sizes. I don’t want people to use the low-quality previews but the high-quality wallpapers.

Game Wallpapers @mentalmars

On the other hand, I started to inform you more about certain video games (mainly Borderlands), and the previous website wasn’t built to be a news website.

Game Hubs

With this new website will be able to create hubs for those games we like. Post new updates, videos, screenshots & wallpapers all accessible through one hub. Currently, I will have the following hubs:

More Hubs will come in the future, but not all games will get their own hub page. Some games that will be getting a wallpaper but won’t be supported with their own hub, those wallpapers will be placed inside a general hub called “Game Wallpapers”. Hopefully, you like the new design and continue to rate, share and comment on my content.

Thanks & Enjoy!

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