Made Borderlands inspired Merchandise

Hey Guys, I made official MentalMars T-Shirts that you can purchase from my TeeSpring Store. So you might remember that a little while back i did the “Fury Potato” T-Shirts as kind of a joke. However you liked the concept art and wanted to have one and therefore i made them available. This actually let to you guys requesting for official MentalMars Merchandise. Recently i have been making some new Borderlands wallpapers and thought it would be cool if i did a t-shirt with a similar design.

mentalmars "splatter" shirt

mentalmars “splatter” shirt

I got positive feedback on the ‘fury potato’ shirt, good quality, feel nice and  the print is very well done. There was a request  for a premium shirt so i’m making that happen this time.  TeeSpring is able to print in the US and in the EU. Therefore i added two product pages for my designs, one for each region. This way you are able to buy from the US and the EU and you can save on shipping cost. Check the the title for (US) or (EU).

US Products

EU Products

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