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MentalMars in Extended Battleborn Lore

Battleborn mentalmarmot easter egg
Battleborn mentalmarmot easter egg

With the launch of Battleborn, I found out that there was a reference in the game that pointed toward me. Now that the game is out for a while a new reference is added to the Battleborn Lore. Each week Gearbox Software has put up a news update (battleplan) about their game. For a little while, they have started adding lore items into these battleplans. With the release of the Story Operation (DLC) Toby’s Friendships Raid, MentalMarmot makes a new appearance in Battlhttps://web.archive.org/web/20200929095804/https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/battleplan-26-11-3-16/1549891/1eplan 26. This is so COOL!!!

Battleplan 26 Lore Item

(Excerpt from a thread titled “LLC convoy in the area – nonstandard specs?”, found on the Free Solus Forums.)

– winkletoes940 – 2 days ago
wtf are the Last Losers doing in ringspace without an escort? anyone know what their carrying?

– mentalmarmot – 2 days ago
No idea; from what I see on the feeds, they’re metering MASSIVE energy output, clocking about .6c for a couple of days now.

– s0lus_s1ster – 1 day ago
by the Mother, good . . . . . . . luck catching up, I don’t think anyone in the Detritus Ring has wings that fast…

– LLC4EVA -1 day ago
Hav the NE3D for SPEED? ✓ out teh ALLNEW 19959_LiGHTRANGER_ExCURSOR from C0ns0rtiumC0sm0nautics!!!11

– winkletoes940 – 1 day ago
i dont know whose scripting is worse, the LLC spambot or the automod. WHERE ARE THE BANS, MODS?

– firecat3 – 8h ago
@winkletoes940: “soon™”
@s0lus_s1ster: Speaking of wings, what about THE DESTROYER? I heard that little guy AVIANT COLOSSUS (please don’t hurt me! :P) is a freakishly good engineer, I can get about .2c on afterburn, anyone know his rates? Wait, why can’t I tag him?

– warnewt – 8h ago

– firecat3 – 8h ago

– warnewt – 8h ago
way I heard it he violated forum’s ToS by using that mech of his to vaporize anyone who called him “cute”

– winkletoes940 – 7h ago
hey arent u that guy from the warnewt gaming forums?

– warnewt – 8h ago

Hvanet seen or ehard from the TObester in a while. Sux cuz he was prett yjmuch the best mechanic n the ring. Maybe soimeone in then inner system cald hiM “littleguy” and hes tkain care of business

– winkletoes940 – 4h ago
This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

– firecat3 – 4h ago
@winkletoes940: ha! There’s your mod activity!

– mentalmarmot – 4h ago
> Hvanet seen or ehard from the TObester
His holofrequency is all over the place, looks like it’s Doppler shifting? Hang on.

– mentalmarmot – 3h ago
Uhhh guys? The shift looks like his signal is moving about .6c…

– valkyri3_ – 2h ago
Nobody touch that convoy.

– |orionH| – 2h ago

NO . . . . . . WAY

– firecat3 – 1h ago
@valkyri3_ are you recruiting????

. . . . just got real

– winkletoes940 -1h ago
whats the big deal did i miss something

– s0lus_s1ster – 30m ago
> did i miss something
You MUST be joking.

– |orionH| – 22m ago
@valkyri3_ MARRY MEEE

– valkyri3_ – 10m ago
Really, guys? This is why I don’t post.
@firecat3 Not yet…

– firecat3 – 3m ago

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