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MentalMarmot Easter Egg for Battleborn

Battleborn mentalmarmot easter egg
Battleborn mentalmarmot easter egg

I found the best thing ever, call it a easter egg or a reference. But i like to call it a achievement because there is something inside Battleborn that points towards me.

You guys know that i have been following Battleborn from the day it got announced, July 8th 2014. Two days later i made my first Battleborn wallpaper and posted it online on my birthday July 11th. After this i started making more Battleborn related content. When the E3 2015 trailer hit i started making Battleborn YouTube content because i found all this awesome hidden details that no one was talking about. Little hints resulted into speculation articles and some of my predictions came true.

Talking with some of the people from Gearbox and 2K games during my journey did pointed out that they liked my content and all the energy i was putting into this. But that all of my efforts would result in this wasnt something i was suspecting. For each Battleborn hero you can complete lore challanges. If you unlock Reyna’s top left challenge “make it Reyna” by absorbing 25.000 damage with her ultimate ability. You will be rewarded with a chat log and one of the persons in that conversation is called mentalmarmot. This is a naught to my gamertag mentalmars and the favorite animal of Battleborn’s creative director, Randy Varnell.

Battleborn Reyna Lore Challenge Unlock

Battleborn Reyna Lore Challenge Unlock

So their you have it, i’m in a game which is totally badass. A little boy’s dream has come true. When i was working on my Borderlands wallpapers and made over 200 of them i thought what if this resulted in getting my own easter egg in a Borderlands game. So this kinda became an unobtainable goal for myself, knowing that this would not happen. But you have to set goals for yourself and now that i achieved this i’m wondering what my next goal could be. It would be great if i could make or get a job out of this. I also wanted to visit the E3, so maybe next year?

Well all this is made possible because of the great feedback of all of you which have kept me going. So thank you!!!

Tweet by Randy Varnell, Creative Director on Battleborn

Tweet by Randy Varnell, Creative Director on Battleborn

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