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MentalMars Joins the Official Borderlands Creator Team

Borderlands Creator Team - MentalMars
Borderlands Creator Team - MentalMars

Hey, I’m proud to announce that I have officially joined the Borderlands Creator Team!!!

Borderlands 3 added MentalMars to their list; Borderlands Creator Team.

MentalMars has been a long time community leader for Borderlands, with insightful and creative content across platforms, including a wealth of compelling articles and design work on his website.

Josh Kaplan – Global Influencer Marketing Manager at 2K

Previously Known as the Stream Team

When Gearbox Software and 2K Games were preparing for Borderlands 3 release, they created an official stream team. These community badasses received early access to content and got to stream on the official Borderlands Twitch channel. However,  being part of this elite team you needed to be established in the Borderlands community and actually know how to stream.  While I have been an active member of the Borderlands community since 2012, the streaming part isn’t my specialty.

Just before the summer of 2020, it was mentioned during an episode of the BorderCAST that the Stream Team was going to be the Creator Team. Because there is so much more you can do around the game than live stream it. There are so many awesome creators out there that produce amazing art, screenshots, cosplay, (lore) videos, and much more. One of those things that you can do is actually build a website that is packed with Borderlands info, <Insert MentalMars>.

My Creator Goals

Being on the Borderlands Creator Team is definitely something to strive for. Because it’s an accomplishment and an honor to be part of it. However,  I didn’t set out to make this one of my goals. As I said above, the team was previously known as the Stream Team. I just accepted that the focus for Borderlands 3 was on promoting streamers, therefore, I didn’t give it any consideration because simply said I’m not a streamer.

But with the transition of being inclusive and opening up to other forms of content creation. It opened up the door for me, and the first thing that popped into my head was my “SUPER SECRET PROJECT”.  So, I contacted 2K telling them that my project would be a great fit for that. They were like; “yes, it would” and “we need to talk”.

This project is something I have been working on since  2017 and have shown them some behind-the-scenes stuff. However, I placed this project on the back burner so I could focus on raising my son, as Baby Mike needed a lot of attention. In the meantime, I have been implementing some ideas from that project onto this website. Although, I really want to launch that secret project.

GBX/2K <3 MentalMars

Gearbox Software and 2K Games have always supported me and my channels. Being part of the Borderlands Creator Team is another level of them showing their trust and support.  I was shocked that Gearbox and 2K Games invited me to the Borderlands 3 reveal event.

I just love making Borderlands content and GBX & 2K try to supercharge that passion. But that passion is not just fueled by them; you are also part of it!  Actually, this all started because of the support of the community. Yes, I was hyped for Borderlands 2 but you ignited this path of content creation. The reception on my first wallpaper was so great that I continued making content. This eventually snowballed into this website and a youtube channel.

Thanks to you and everyone else who have supported me throughout the years. Now let me continue helping you!

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I'm a Content Creator by day and a BattleBread Baker at night. I'll provide you with your recommended slice of entertainment! I'm a Gearbox Community Badass and a proud member of the official Borderlands & Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Creator Team (2K Games / NextMakers).

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