MentalMars Shout Out at PaxEast2017

MentalMars Shout Out Pax 2017 by GBX
MentalMars Shout Out Pax 2017 by GBX
Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs in Battleborn Shout Out at PaxEast2017

During the “Inside Gearbox Panel” at Pax East 2017 there was a section where they talked about Battleborn and all of the work the team has done on the game. But because they had shown off the Borderlands 3 Tech Demo earlier in the panel it was a casual transition to talk about the discovery of the Borderlands 3 Easter eggs  when they switched to the Battleborn segment. While not going over the details of the Easter egg Randy Varnell did gave a shout out to my work and the video i made about the journey of the discovery.

It’s amazing that i got a shout out at the ‘Inside Gearbox Panel’ which was held before a large crowd and live streamed on multiple twitch channels.  Also a great response in the twitch chat during this occasion.

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