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Gearbox Software Shouts out MentalMars at Pax East 2017

Gearbox Software shouts out MentalMars at Pax East 2017 while talking about the Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs in Battleborn

Gearbox Software did their Inside Gearbox Panels in the main theater of PAX East 2017. There they talked about the things they have been working on. There was a whole segment that was dedicated to their game, Battleborn, and what they have been doing on that.

Because Gearbox Software teased at a previous PAX Panel that they would be hiding Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs in Battleborn and Randy Pitchford showed off a Tech Demo that looked a lot like Borderlands 3. This led him casually transition to the Discovery of the Borderlands 3 Easter eggs.

Randy Varnell, Creative Director of Battleborn, gave a brief description of how they hid the Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs in Battleborn but he didn’t go into the details of the Easter Eggs.

We really had some amazing people in the community, of course our friend MentalMars – who has done tons and tons of Battleborn support, really kinda drove that…

Look for “MentalMars Battleborn Easter Egg”. He did an amazing video that talked about the journey of the discovery of that and highlights all the people in the community that helps uncover that. A really great guy, Peter Groot.

Randy Varnell – Creative Director Battleborn

My Thoughts

This is really amazing, I received a shout-out during an “Inside Gearbox Panel” at PAX!!!

There is – like – a really large crowd in that theater and these panels get live-streamed on multiple Twitch channels.

Too bad I didn’t figure out the final clue on the Easter Egg – I know some Devs were rooting for me – but it has been a heck of a journey.

Another great thing to see was the response in the Twitch Chat. Seeing community members cheering for me. It’s really awesome!

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