2K PR Manager Gives Shout Out at Xbox NL Live Stream

MentalMars Shout Out at Xbox NL Live Stream

MentalMars Shout out during Xbox Live Stream

Dennis from 2K Benelux was invited to be part of the Xbox  NL (Holland) live stream. Here the host, Urel, from Xbox NL and Dennis talked about their jobs and played some Borderlands 2. One of the questions that came up was; “what do you enjoy the most about your job?” The answer Dennis gave is meeting the community. He enjoys seeing fans cosplay their favorite game character at game conventions and getting to engage with them. But Dennis also mentions it’s not limited to just these entertainment expos, as he also acknowledges the people at home working hard on content. This is the moment Dennis from 2K gives a shout out to Me(ntalmars) for all my work on Borderlands and Battleborn.

Thank you, Dennis, I hope to see you soon and play some Borderlands 3 😉

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