Milestone 1 Million Views


Milestone: Over 1 Million Total Views

Milestone 1 Million Views

We have reached a new milestone and that is over 1 million total views the website. You know almost every website has one of those county-thingys. Well this one has done a lot of counting over the last 2 years. But he a lot has changed in that time span. In the early days i was just making game wallpapers. I think was most known for my massive amount of Borderlands wallpapers. After doing that for 2 years  i also started making some wallpapers of other games, which also lead to some successes. The first big hit was with my Evolve wallpaper that got some media attention.

When i started adding some blogs about some video game news i noticed that i was talking about a lot of things but i wasn’t really informing anyone. I liked my website the idea that my website could become something more then just my fanart. Therefore i started to focus my content and build a new website that could carry that vision. My focus content started with a few game franchises i like and was looking out for or series i always liked. Yes there are your Mario’s & Zelda’s but one thing that stuck was my passion for the Borderlands franchise. Over the course of time my content expanded and so did the amount of visitors. While Borderlands has been set to the background a bit i’m full on-board on Gearbox upcoming title Battleborn.

It’s cool to see that a community project that started with with a few wallpapers turned into one of the best places for your Battleborn Intel. I’ll keep doing what i’m doing and hope that we can grow even more. Thank you for your time on this website. I got a lot more in store for the future. More Battleborn content and Gearbox is already teasing the next Borderlands.

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