More Than 1 Million Views Per Month Milestone

1 Million/Month Milestone - MentalMars
1 Million/Month Milestone - MentalMars

It’s Over 1 Million

The website hit over a million views in 1 month’s time. This is absolutely insane! While this was one of my goals for 2021, I didn’t think I would hit it this soon. Personally, I thought I would be able to hit this milestone near the end of the year if I keep working hard at it.

Site Growth

The announcement of Borderlands 3 really boosted my site. I thought I was doing good when I was covering Battleborn. However, the Borderlands fandom kicked those numbers’ ass. After the initial release, the hype kinda died and so did the numbers. As the traffic normalized things slowly started to grow again. In March 2020, there was a big surge in visitors and this steadily kept snowballing.

Thanks To You

Thank you for your support. Because you give me the motivation and energy to keep creating. Creating content is something I really love and is something I’ll continue to do.

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