Evolve Wallpaper - Hunter or Hunted


My second Evolve Achievement

Evolve Wallpaper - Hunter or Hunted

A while back i made a desktop background of the upcoming video game Evolve, a new franchise from the creators of ‘left 4 dead’ series. Back then when i first posted my wallpaper it got quickly noticed by the PR & Marketing Lady of Turtle Rock Studios, Chloe Skew said that “it captures the tension of the inevitable standoff”. Great words but last week my Evolve success reached a  whole new level awesomeness, and how i like to say it: Evolve Achievement Unlocked !

I guess i made some friends at 2K, i got a heads up shortly before this happened but that doesn’t make it less awesome. 2K Games, the publisher of Evolve, decided to tweet out my Evolve Wallpaper. But not just 2K Games here in Holland, no from several channels globally EEEK! Me and my Twitter feed went crazy, Thanks 2k Games !

My Evolve Achievement at work


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