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My Summer Games Fest + Xbox Showcase Highlights

Showcase Highlight

This last week we had the Summer Game Fest and the Xbox Showcase and there were some really cool games shown off. Usually, I pick a game for this website and go super deep into it, however, there are other games that I like to play. Here are some of the games I found interesting from both events.

Summer Game Fest

Something I liked during the pre-show of Summer Games Fest was the story of a modding team making their own tools and content for the game but initially presenting it as secrets within the game. Kinda fun if you can get a whole community rallied behind it.

Having Nick Cage on stage is fun and a big moment, however, the footage of the game didn’t do it for me.

Alan Wake II

My Summer Games Fest + Xbox Showcase Highlights

I played the original Alan Wake back in the day when it was going to be THE big game for Xbox360. The game had this really interesting story hook and was made by Remedy. This studio was also responsible for the creation of the first two Max Payne games that I really enjoyed, therefore, Alan Wake was high on my list.

The story of Alan Wake was good but the gameplay became a bit repetitive throughout the game. Toward the end, I had enough of running through the forest. So I probably missed some collectibles in that last section.

The ending of Alan Wake did something really interesting, which got me interested again and made me curious for a follow-up. Sadly, it has taken a lot of years but it’s finally here.

Alan Wake II picks up the story where we left off and introduces a new dynamic by having two playable characters with different perspectives. You need to play both to solve the mysteries of the world.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

My Summer Games Fest + Xbox Showcase Highlights

The Prince of Persia franchise runs deep with me and The Lost Crown came as a surprise. I was really looking forward to the Sands of Time remake but that project is getting its own remake as another Ubisoft studio took over and looks to be starting back from scratch.

I played the original Prince of Persia on my dad’s PC back in the day we had to boot up stuff using floppy disks. It was a fun game but if it wasn’t for the level skip commands, I would never have seen anything past LVL 4 or so.

I also really loved the Sands of Time trilogy with Warrior Within being my favorite. I liked the plot twist in the story and how that changed your perspective on things. The Two Thrones wrapped things nicely up as it hooked into the Sands of Time, however, the parkour puzzles were all pointed out. Yeah, it was more accessible but I liked the challenge and discovery of how to move from one area to the next.

The Prince of Persia 2008 reboot was cool but I enjoyed it more on a second playthrough because my brain was hardwired to the Sand of Time games. I think more people had that problem and therefore we received the Forgotten Sands that went back to the Sands of Time Prince but I found it a bit disappointing.

The Lost Crown looks to be a 2.5D platformer that blends parkour, combat, and puzzle-solving. This is probably something I’ll pick up for the Nintendo Switch and play casually.

Immortals of Aveum

My Summer Games Fest + Xbox Showcase Highlights

Immortals of Aveum is already getting a lot of coverage on this site but this game was also part of the Summer Games Fest. I already did a complete breakdown of the trailer on my site, so I won’t be going into that here.

There is some additional coverage from other media appearing online as they had to chance to play the game during the event. I know finally Easy Allies finally had the chance to get hands-on and they are jazzed as well as some other channel that was happily surprised by the game.

IGN has an extended showcase of the mission in the trailer, and hopefully, that will also appear on Youtube so I can also feature it here on the site.

Xbox Showcase

Okay, everyone is hyped about Starfield… and I’m not. Fable is also one of those BIG Xbox franchises, however, I never played any of them. The trailer is fun and plays with your expectations, I just can’t get excited for the game but it’s a big win for the players.

Payday 3 looks fun and I like the idea but I don’t know if it’s a game for me personally. I would need to check it out when it drops on Game Pass.

The Dune and Monkey Island cross-overs are fun and definitely something for the fans.

Clockwork Revolution

My Summer Games Fest + Xbox Showcase Highlights

Clockwork Revolution looks interesting because I love the concept of manipulating time. This steampunk first-person RPG checks some boxes that I like and some stuff I’m not a fan of. I’m intrigued and keeping an eye out on this one to see how it shapes up.

Star Wars: Outlaws

My Summer Games Fest + Xbox Showcase Highlights

This trailer hits the vibe check. It looks great and they know what Star Wars is as they showcase these familiar set pieces. The trailer does a good job of hooking you into the story until she says “It’s a big galaxy out there” Then my brain went into the Mario Movie where Princess Peach says the same line.

Bonus points for the two cute companions. You got some adorable creature you just wanna cuddle with and then you have this robot – ala Rogue One – by your side.

Star Wars: Outlaws is definitely a game I want to see more of.

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