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Mysterious Images found in the Borderlands 3 Museum of Mayhem

Borderlands 3 Museum Mysteries
Borderlands 3 Museum Mysteries

Borderlands 3 will be present at the San Diego Comic-Con. A special Museum of Mayhem will be at the event. There you can check out some never-before-seen Borderlands 3 artwork. This and more activities got announced by Gearbox Software and 2K Games this week. However, for this article, I wanted to go over a photo that was not part of the blog post.

While they did mention there will be exclusive loot in the gift shop at Comic-Con, they didn’t show it off in the post itself. Over at Instagram, we do get a sneak peek of a special ‘Museum of Mayhem’ T-Shirt. While most of the images on the shirt are well-known artwork variations of the psycho bandit mask. There are a few images on there that grabbed my attention.

Maliwan Ship

museum of mayhem - maliwan ship

This first one is probably the easiest one to uncover. While this artwork hasn’t been featured before, this looks to be concept art for one of those Maliwan ships. You can spot these during the gameplay from the Borderlands 3 reveal event. During the gameplay on Promethea, you see these pass by or drop reinforcements. So not much of a mystery here, still cool artwork.

Above the clouds

museum of mayhem - airship

This second image is a mystery. It kinda reminds me of the airship from Mario Oddysee. If you would have shown me this piece of artwork I think I would say it’s from Battleborn rather than Borderlands. I’m not sure what to make of this. Can we expect a cloud city or will we encounter some more primitive technology on other planets? I would love to see some steampunk on Eden-6. It would probably fit with the whole Jakobs theme that’s going on there. However, this could also be a hint at a new environment. Will one of the new planets feature a cloud city?

God’s Creation

museum of mayhem - shrine

This third image looks very mysterious. It looks to be a shrine or something like that. On top, I see a skull, and out of its mouth comes a purple substance. I can only speculate that this is liquid Eridium. To the sides of that, we see two mysterious figures. 

The one on the left seems to have a pretty long arm, so that could correspond to Troy. This would mean that Tyreen is standing on the other side. That would make sense to me. What are they doing here, forging something, or maybe sacrificing something or someone? There seem to be some letters in front of that altar. It’s hard to make out but I could make COV from it (no guarantees).

Wings of an …..

museum of mayhem - angel

This fourth and final image also raises a lot of questions. Who is this in this artwork? I want to say it could be a teenage version of Angel, however, I don’t know how that would make sense in Borderlands 3. The wings in the background kinda give me the impression of a dragonfly, it could be angel wings if this is also a stained glass image. The logo on the shirt is very hard to make sense of. In the middle, there seem to be 2 bars. The only thing I can think of is the Hyperion Logo, which could make sense if this is a teenage Angel when she still thinks Jack is all nice and stuff.

Museum of Mayhem

So if you are going to the Museum of Mayhem and you are allowed to take pictures, I would love to find out more about these images or any other concept art for that matter.  Let me know what you think of these images.

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  1. Looks like a fountain of slag

  2. one of the new vault? maybe the destroyer 2.0 vault or maybe just a door with sparkling lights.

  3. Looks to small to be a vault doorway. I wonder if it’s where tyrine and troy came from?

    Or maybe where… https://t.co/D0iE7eauWd

  4. Or what if it’s a type of baptismal font? Maybe “converts” to the CoV get baptised in Eridium slag? Loo… https://t.co/B7XNwmRZFf

  5. Well since Museum of Mayhem is tomorrow we could get some answers


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