New Official Borderlands T-Shirts Available

Borderlands T-Shirts Amazon
Borderlands T-Shirts Amazon

Hey Vault Hunters are you looking for some badass Borderlands swag ? Well then you are in luck, because during Episode 14 of the Nerdvana Live Podcast it was mentioned that Gearbox Software is secretly adding new Borderlands merchandise to Amazon.  The Nerdvana Live Podcast is a live call in show that is hosted by Gearbox President Randy Pitchford , and during that episode his guest co-host was Erica Stead. She  is in charge  of licencing and has been setting up some great merchandise deals lately like the McFarlane Toys collection. During the show Erica showed of some Borderlands merchandise but also mentions one of her new endeavors and that is  making new Borderlands t-shirts available. Because Amazon started a kickass print on demand  service they can create t-shirts that are more focused to niche audience.

Currently there are only a few t-shirts available, however Erica has said that she will be adding more t-shirts over time.  There are a few nice ones. I like that they also have some cute chibi art t-shirts by Gearbox 2D artist Seung Kim. For a full list you should check out this list for the latest Gearbox merchandise. I’ll be updating this list as new Borderlands merchandise comes available. These premium t-shirts are made of lightweight fine jersey fabric and are available in  different colors, sizes, and fit types. These are slim shirts so if you want a looser fit consider getting a bigger size.  Enjoy and Happy Looting.

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