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Next level story missions for Battleborn

While Gearbox Software is currently still working hard on the story operations. The little tease from the first DLC mission during the Pax West presentation got me thinking. Attikus and the Thrall rebellion will have secondary objectives that randomly ac cure.  While during the presentation this looked to be a re-purpose of the current challenge system. This gives you tasks like:


  • Killing a certain amount of enemies
  • Build 2 turrets
  • Collect this amount of stuff

I was kinda hoping for a bit bigger stir-up during your mission. Things that would impact the way a mission played. Currently, there are triggered events that are always set to happen, but what if this wasn’t the case? What if you reach a certain choke point in the game and every time you get there a random event takes place? Let’s say you, the player, reach a courtyard with a closed gate that prevents you from proceeding forward. Now a few things can happen.

Random Events

  1. You fight off waves of enemies until the gate opens and  you can even change this up by having different types of waves (Massive zombie horde wave or a badass wave, etc.)
  2. This is kinda the same as the first but you have to defend the generator.
  3.  Instead of having waves of enemies, a boss drops in. You have to kill the boss in order to open up the gate.
  4. The gate won’t open and a dialogue will trigger telling the player they need to go through the building to get to the other side. No fight will trigger in the courtyard but another door will open for the players to proceed. By fighting off enemies throughout the building they will make their way to the other side of the gate.

It’s something like the challenge system but at certain choke points in the map to change up a mission. This way missions can get some more replay value and aren’t your typical; “This mission is a Raid mission and This mission is a Defend Mission”.  By dynamically changing the challenges you offer variety to each map. I do understand that these things will add additional work to create a story mission, but replayability is something that’s high on the priority list with Battleborn.

If you look at some of the current missions there are some spots where you can implement these things.  There has been feedback from the community that the current story missions are quite long. So with a mission like the Void’s Edge, you can change up that first section. Have players go through the buildings or not, and let Warlord Nix spawn or not. Although, for this mission having skipped going through both of the buildings and having Warlord Nix spawn would be a terrible experience as you haven’t really leveled up. So maybe they need to add in an extra enemy wave before an encounter like that.

Also if we look at the mission the renegade, during the first defense battle some elements in the room change up. Floors break and walls move to reveal hidden shards. Simple things like this can also be used to change a battle or the route a player takes. Later on in the same mission, you need to activate the power thingy and defend it. There are multiple entrances to that facility. Now you can choose to enter the building by going in through the left wing or the right wing. This does allow for player choice but once in a while, I think it won’t hurt if the choice is pre-made and the player is forced to take a specific route. Forcing the player to leave his comfort zone, and stir up his game, and present him or her with different challenges.

And yes some of these ideas can be forced one or another way by completing those secondary objectives. Have a challenge pop-up that requires some skill from players so the experienced players can trigger that boss fight in order to farm the boss for that one legendary item.

This is just one of the crazy ideas I have, let me know what you think of all of this by leaving a reply in the comment section.

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