No Season 2 for Tales From The Borderlands for now

Tales from the Borderlands - Season 2
Tales from the Borderlands - Season 2

Earlier this summer Telltale announced that they would be doing new seasons for  several of their  series. Sadly Tales from the Borderlands wasn’t one of them. Personally i really liked Tales from the Borderlands and thought it performed well. But according to recent news the sales for this  series wasn’t up to par compared to other series Telltale was producing. They where not losing money on it but it wasn’t pulling in the numbers that the Walking Dead did. In the article you can also read that the team was struggling to make Tales from the Borderlands and the development wasn’t going as swift as it should have been. This last part also explains the wait on some of the episodes.

While Tales from the Borderlands wasn’t announced with the batch of projects telltale is doing this developer talk suggests to me that a second season isn’t high on the priority list. Another thing that came across is that  the team was passionate about the project. They did delivering the biggest set pieces the company had ever done and that is blowing up the Hyperion moon base.   Also wrapping up all the player choices delivered more scenarios than  any other Telltale game. I did enjoy this game and hope we will get another season or closure what happens after the events of Tales from the Borderlands. Because there is a cool cliffhanger at the end that sparks my curiosity and i would love to learn more about these characters and the Borderlands universe.

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  1. Josh Doncevic

    I’m all for a season 2. Can’t wait for BL3 as well!

  2. Patrick Quinn

    That’s a shame. Tales from the Borderlands was really good – but as long as they get around to it eventually, I suppose I can’t complain.

    • MentalMars

      Bl3 is still far away. It would make more sense if they did a season 2 in the same time window.

  3. Honestly, I don’t understand the popularity of their TWD series. Is it just because it’s based on a big tv show/comic? Out of all the Telltale games I’ve played, TWD is my least favourite, yet somehow, everyone else is obsessed with it and it’s getting its FOURTH season, while series like TFTB are stuck with just one.

    I’m glad at least The Wolf Among Us is getting a second season, like it rightfully deserves. TFTB and TWAU are my favourite Telltale games and they’re /miles/ better than TWD. Thankfully, this fourth TWD installment will be the last. Good riddance.


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