Oscar Mike vs The Battle School Hidden Ops Points Guide – Battleborn

Quick guide on how to get all the hidden ops points in the story operation, Oscar Mike versus the Battle School, and obtain all 100 OPS Point for bonus Gear

I made a quick guide on how to get all the hidden ops points in the story operation, Oscar Mike versus the Battle School. Because with this third dlc gearbox is changing up the way they are hiding these collectebles. With ‘Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion‘ and ‘Toby’s Friendship Raid‘ you needed to find some chest that spawned at randomly at fixed locations. This new story operation  requires you to do some different things.

How to find the hidden ops points

  • From the start of the mission you have to move fast, because 2 of the 4 ops points that can be obtained in the first area will vanish if you don’t get there in time.  The first one you can find in the second room make a right turn. There you will find a room with some chest containing the first ops point. If you don’t get here on time the door will close and you won’t be able to get it.
  • The second OPS Point is another one you got to run for. You have to run over the conveyor-belt to the next room with the mechanical arm. Make a left to the next room, in this room you will find a chest on the right. If you don’t get here in time it will fall down into the juicy liquid.  TIP: Jumping on the conveyor-belt will give you small speed boosts.
  • The third OPS Point is in the previous room, the one with the mechanical arm hanging from the ceiling. You will find a hidden chest in his hand. You can reach it by jumping up the containers.
  • The fourth OPS Point is big room after you climbed up the first stairs. You will see 3 tubes with each containing an Mike clone and each Mike will have a different pose. You need to interact with the  consoles in-front of the window to  pick the right Mike Pose. You can find the right Mike pose in the beginning of the level. When you started the level you have to look left (if you backtrack look right) in the first room. Here you see 3 test tubes with 3 Mike clones in them. The one on the far left has a different pose, this is the pose you need to remember and need to pick by interacting with the corresponding console.

These four hidden OPS Points are the foundation of getting up to a 100 OPS Points. You will be able to obtain the other  OPS Points during the arena matches. Each round 2 chest will spawn on the outer ring of the arena. 3 Rounds x 2 OPS Points = 6 OPS Points  providing you  the 10 hidden OPS Points for this Story Operation. The other OPS points are acquired by completing the challenges that General Mike throws at you.

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