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PAX East 2016 – Battleborn Booth Recap with StealthShampoo!

Last week during PAX East Gearbox Software and 2K Games set out to promote their upcoming game, Battleborn. Inside the Gearbox Panel there were some nice new details about the upcoming Battleborn DLC and new artwork of the 26th Battleborn Hero. 2K Games set up their giant booth and invited a lot of prominent Streamers who would compete against each other during the event.  Matches between  ActaBunniFooFoo, AngryJoeShow, AnneMunition, Anthony_Kongphan, Datto, DeeJayKnight, Delrith, EatMyDiction, EdEMonster, Elspeth, Fairlight_Excalibur, IAmSp00n, lolRenaynay, Mrhappy1227, Ms_Vixen, NukemDukem, Prod1gyX, Ready Up Live, Tessachka, TheHaleyBaby, Ven0mkisser, VernNotice, Wvyrn_Slayr, & others would be shoutcasted by Nicky from StealthShampoo, Teamleader of the Battleborn eSports team Salt Command.

Get ready for some behind-the-scenes action from Nicky himself.

PAX East 2016! - Hosting the Battleborn Booth, Show Floor Tour, Parties!

I had the pleasure of hosting the Battleborn Booth at PAX East 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts, last week alongside DB from 2K and Sohinki from Smosh Games. First and foremost, it was excellent to meet Sohinki and great casting with DB again. Sohinki was far more knowledgeable on the game than I anticipated and humbled me with the best ISIC gameplay I had ever seen. DB and I played the first ever Salt Command grudge match against Gearbox Software, taking home a solid victory on Paradise Meltdown. I had been challenged to go head to head against a top Ambra player at GBX, and pulled off a solid 17-0 match. Great game to GBX!

Nicky from StealthShampoo, Team Captain of Salt Command
Battleborn Pax Shout Casters

I met plenty of Gearbox Software employees, including Randy Varnell, Joe King, and plenty more. Their passion for the game they have been developing for the past 5 years really showed, and it was an honor to have been chosen to show their game off to thousands of PAX East attendees. The IGN party and Community Party were a blast too. At those parties and at the booth, I met tons of fans that were excited about the game and was happy to see their brimming enthusiasm as they got their hands on the game after waiting over 2 hours in line.

Hosting the booth and casting as my old and new streamer friends played was amazing. That’s the real reason I stream, cast, and play. Win or lose, the friends I rarely get to see at these kinds of events make it all worth it. My team and I hope that you guys enjoy the long awaited launch on May 3rd. If you’d like to check out the booth or the entire show floor yourself, check out my vlog from the event!

Nicky from StealthShampoo, Team Captain of Salt Command
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