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My E3 2016 Predictions and Expectations

E3 2016 blog
E3 2016 blog

The electronic entertainment expo (E3) is at hand. This video game exposition is one of the biggest entertainment events of the year. While some events have more visitors the E3 is “only” available for the media/press. One thing that other game events lack is the number of new reveals. The E3 always shows what the future of gaming has in store for us. While publishers try to find new ways to get attention to their games, there is the occasional leak that may or may not have been on purpose.

As a long-time gamer, I always look forward to this major event. I’m always curious about what the developers are working on next. My website may be heavily focused on 2K / Gearbox games, but that doesn’t mean I’m only interested in or playing these games. One other publisher that always pleases me is Nintendo. Although their console isn’t selling as well as those of the other parties, Nintendo has some great games. Of course, I’m looking forward to the new legend of Zelda.

E3 Predictions

I don’t think we will be seeing something about Borderlands 3 any time soon. Gearbox does have some other game projects on standby but I think they lack the capacity to develop multiple AAA games side by side. They just finished Battleborn so they are just full focus on the next game. Gearbox did hire new people and upgraded their office space last year, therefore next year will probably be more realistic. If I had to guess another game by 2K besides their NBA or WWE games I would go for Evolve 2 or would they call it evolved? They might showcase some Battleborn downloadable content, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this would get overshadowed by other announcements.

I was always a fan of the Splinter Cell series since they introduced the Spy Versus Merc multiplayer mode with Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (2). Recently there was a let’s play video with 2 developers from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (3) that came out of the blue. Sooo… maybe a new splinter cell game? After some mediocre games in the series, I found the last game, Blacklist, pretty good.

As we are on the subject of Ubisoft there is one other game I would like to see from them and that is a new Prince of Persia game. But why would day pay for an expensive license of the pop franchise if they have Assassin’s Creed that kinda provides that kind of gameplay? The 2008 reboot was quite good, but you had to let go of the sands of time trilogy. But a lot of people struggled with that apparently so Ubisoft made the forgotten sands and it wasn’t that great. Some wishful thinking over here.

Two games I’m looking forward to playing are Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. A few years back there was a game announced that kinda merged both of those games together. Sadly the game was canceled, but there is a rumor that it’s coming back. Fingers crossed.

I’m looking forward to the games that will surprise me. Have a great E3 and let me know what games you look forward to. Thanks.

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