Randy Pitchford Talks Borderlands 2

Back in 2012 when Gearbox Software did their cover story for Borderlands 2 at Game Informer,  Randy Pitch ford, President of Gearbox Software, talks about what the game has in store and what some of the changes are to the second installment of their series.


  • What kind of things are you doing to  extend the replay value ?
  • Story telling is being advanced, is that intended or from fan feedback ?
  • How does Handsome Jack impacts the story ?
  • What are the weapon manufacturer and do you have a favorite  ?
  • How do weapons work in Borderlands with the gunzerker ?
  • If someone liked Brick from Borderlands 1 can i still melee ?
  • How will Borderlands 2 work with online and co-op ?
  • What kind of minor tweaks did the game get ?


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