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The Importance of Wainwright Jakob’s in Borderlands 3

Why is Wainwright Jakobs Important to the story - Borderlands 3
Why is Wainwright Jakobs Important to the story - Borderlands 3

At E3 we got introduced to Wainwright Jakob’s. During the interviews that Paul Sage (Creative Director) and Randy Varnell (managing producer of narrative) gave we learned a bit about this new character. Wainwright is the CEO of the weapons manufacturer Jakobs which is located on Eden-6. He has a big manor there which he was able to afford because you have been buying his guns all this time.

Who is Wainwright Jakobs?

The story around Wainwright Jakobs will play a big role in Borderlands 3 when you are able to visit Eden-6. There will be some drama in which you will get involved. Randy Varnell was excited to tell more about this storyline but had to contain himself to avoid spoilers.

When you check the exclusive Eden-6 gameplay you can see there is a quest to find a vault key. It’s noteworthy that getting to the manor and getting the vault key are both parts of the same quest line. There is a good chance that Wainwright Jakobs has a vault key of his own. Aurelia also makes an appearance in Eden-6. In the footage, we hear her that she also would like to have a cult following after they have taken care of business on Eden-6. Is she part of the drama that we will be experiencing?

Randy Varnell mentioned that Wainwright Jakob’s is tied up at the manor. I’m not sure how to interpret this. Is he literally tied to a chair or is he figurately busy protecting his property?  When you take a closer look at Wainwright Jakob’s design you can notice that his right sleeve is torn and that there is a piece of cloth wrapped around that arm. This could indicate that he has been in a struggle. I think a rich man like him doesn’t have to walk in ripped clothes.

Hammerlock - Auralia - Jakobs - Borderlands 3
Hammerlock – Auralia – Jakobs – Borderlands 3

Jakobs weaponry

Jakobs weapons are these old wild west type of guns with a wooden stock. They are known for their massive firepower. Jakobs doesn’t have the tagline; “if it took more than 1 shot, you were not using a Jakobs” for nothing.  Another trade is that you can fire a Jakobs gun as fast as you can pull the trigger. In Borderlands 3, Jabobs weapons have an additional gimmick. When you get a critical hit the bullet will ricochet toward another nearby enemy.  Btw. here you can read about the new functionalities of the other weapon manufacturers.


Jakobs is located on Eden-6. The design of this jungle environment is inspired by the Louisiana biotype feel. The level design on this planet has a lot of verticality. While this resulted in confusing mini-maps In the previous games, Borderlands 3 has all-new 3D maps. This makes navigating a lot easier as it’s more clear where your objective is. Also with the new manteling mechanic you just climb onto obstacles. This way the level designers can create other ways to go up instead of relying on stairs and ladders all the time.

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