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The Jennerit Imperium

Battleborn - Ambra - Jennerit

The Jennerit are ruthlessly pragmatic. They strive for perfection and they are not about to let something like mortality stand in their way. To that end, the Jennerit harness dark energies of the universe to twist the natural order of things as they see fit. In their bid to master life, members of the Jennerit must choose how they will use their power: Will they side with Rendain to bring the end of the universe? Or will they fight with the Battleborn to save the last star?

Introducing The Jennerit Imperium

Who are the Jennerit?

Space vampires. No, we jest. They are almost certainly not space vampires. (But they kind of are space vampires.)

heliophage - battleborn

At their peak – before the Varelsi threatened the remaining star systems in our universe – the Jennerit Empire was the most far-reaching civilization in existence.  They are extremely competent (if invasive) scientists, they are ruthlessly efficient at survival, and they have a strong appreciation for warfare and martial combat.

While there are a few races that comprise the star-spanning Empire, the core of the empire are members of the race called the “Jennerit”. As a race, the Jennerit are known for angular features and four-fingered hands, which set them aside from the more “human” denizens of the universe.

The Jennerit despise any race who express flaws and inefficiencies (which are, in fact, most other races). Even their own society has evolved into caste-based layers with the genetically-altered Sustained at the top, non-Sustained Jennerit just below them, and everything and everyone else below.  The Thralls are altered beasts who have been given a modicum of intelligence and are widely employed as a slave race for labor and as grunt warriors.

building layout sketch - battleborn
building layout sketch – battleborn

Any Deed. Any Price.

The Jennerit are pragmatists. They are perfectionists. Anything they deem imperfect must be fixed or destroyed. If the Jennerit need to manipulate the laws of the universe in the process, so be it. As the official motto of the Jennerit Empire states: “Any Deed. Any Price.”

To become Sustained, to live forever, is an alluring prospect. Tens of thousands of years ago, Empress Lenore discovered “Sustainment,” a process by which the Jennerit can expend enormous amounts of power to make a single being all-but-immortal.  The Sustained do not age and do not grow ill from natural illnesses. There are Sustained Jennerit who are nearly 20,000 years old in the universe.

As mentioned, this process is extremely energy-expensive, consuming stored energy on a planetary scale just to alter one being. Therefore, Sustainment isn’t done often, and candidates for sustainment are vetted through a rigorous process, finally approved by the Empress herself. What’s even rarer, and quite unusual, is when a member of a non-Jennerit race is allowed to become Sustained.

Rendain Concept - Battleborn
Rendain Concept – Battleborn

The Betrayal of Rendain

Lothar Rendain, the right-hand of Empress Lenore for nearly 20,000 years, earned his spot by leading the Jennerit military. He even served as the central commander for multi-faction alliances against the Varlesi… then something changed.

As more solar systems winked out of existence, Rendain felt something needed to be done. The Varlesi and the coming Darkening seemed inevitable. The only practical solution seemed obvious to him – He had to survive. And that meant betraying his Empress and aiding in the destruction of the remaining universe. After all, when the objective is worth it: “Any Deed. Any Price.”

Seeing an inevitable alliance with the Varelsi as the most pragmatic option to survival, Rendain led a coup on the throneworld of Jennar, resulting in the Darkening of the planet and everyone on it—including the Empress Lenore. Rendain’s new order – named the Jennerit Imperium – began working with the Varelsi to finish the work of Darkening the universe. Those still loyal to the Empress were dealth with – or fled.

Now, Rendain fights a two-front war – alongside the Varlesi to destroy the remaining universe against the Battleborn and combating a growing resistance that’s rising throughout the Jennerit Imperium.

Jennerit Battleborn

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