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Things to Do In Battleborn – Forced Pitfall

Some Battleborn heroes have a skill to pull in enemies against their will. For example, Shayne can use Aurox to grab enemies from a distance and bring them in close for some beating. But what if you position yourself in a way that the enemy doesn’t have any surface underneath their feet? Exactly Insta-kills become an insane troll action. You could abuse this like the guys from Rooster Teeth or try to make it a skill thing.

In the next video, we can see Kalo play Ghalt and use the hook to pull an enemy over the edge. I have seen videos of this skill in action where the Ghalt actually lands safely on the next edge of the cliff. Here is the forced pitfall  in action:

Things to Do In Battleborn – Forced Pitfall

If i’m going down i’m taking you with me !!!

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