How to Unlock Toby's Secret Skin - Battleborn



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How to unlock toby’s hidden skin – battleborn

A walk through guide of Toby’s Friendship Raid on how to find all hidden shard clusters and unlock the secret skin for Toby.

If you watched the reveal stream of Toby’s friendship raid by Gearbox themselves, you might remember them saying that there is a Toby Skin hidden away in the dlc. Are you curious on how to unlock that skin. Well this video gives you a walk through on how to get it and what you need to do. Toby’s Friendship Raid contains a hidden sub objective and it won’t


1) At the beginning of the level. Activate the elevator, get off and jump down.
2) At the manufacturing room destroy the shard cluster and backtrack, a vent has opened.
3) Trigger the boss, before jumping down, backtrack, a door has opened.

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