What did Battleborn’s alternative animated intro look like?

Battleborn's alternate into cinematic
Battleborn's alternate into cinematic

One of the biggest things that stands out in Battleborn is the awesome intro cinematic. This opening trailer has a message; that you can expect something fresh, and that is exactly what Battleborn delivered.

The animated intro was made by Secret Sauce and took about 6 to 7 months to create. They were onboard with the Japanese-inspired anime look. Also instead of correcting every single drawing to look perfectly homogeneous, they let the animator cut loose and belt out the equivalent of a guitar solo. Combining this with the soundtrack by Deltron 3030 really paid off.

However, Secret Sauce wasn’t the only studio that Gearbox reached out to. 6 Point Harness was also contacted to create a style pitch. Below is the concept artwork that Mindy Lee did for the game’s intro.

Battleborn concept art by Mindy Lee for 6pt

Battleborn concept art by Mindy Lee for 6pt

As you can see this is a different style then that the game ended up getting. Personally, I would expect this pitch to have more stylised presentation than the fluidity that we got. Scott Kester, GBX Art Director, didn’t want every single drawing to look perfectly homogeneous,  instead, they let the animator cut loose and belt out the equivalent of a guitar solo.

When I first saw this concept art it reminded me of a tease that we had gotten a while back. Community member, Kaleidodemon, asked a dev if we would ever see a Battleborn tv series since the game already heavily leaned on Saturday morning cartoons. While nothing was confirmed, there was a little “wink wink” reply. Therefore at first, I thought this was concept art for that, however, the hint was aimed at the movie Ready Player One that featured several Battleborn characters.

Do you want to see a Battleborn animated series and should it look like the art posted above? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media.

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  1. TheOnlyTachyon🚀E3

    @Battleborn BB animated series pls.

  2. Jim Foronda

    @Battleborn TRIVIA: At one point in time, the BB intro had dialogue. We recorded it so long ago, but I… https://t.co/mv9TNhHkZA

  3. Mateo Leviathon

    Def more interesting than the CGI intro


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