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Will Ava Really Lead the War in Borderlands 4?

Borderlands 4 War is Coming
Borderlands 4 War is Coming

Roland Died, Lilith is missing, there is a great war on the horizon, and Ava was placed in charge of the Crimson Raiders at the end of Borderlands 3. The choice of leadership was between her and Tannis but the latter didn’t really seem like a great fit for that role. With a foretold war at hand in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is Ava really going to be the one to lead the charge?

Internal Conflict

What if the Crimson Raiders are at war with themselves and therefore divided into two groups in Borderlands 4?

One team follows Ava as the torch was passed on to her. She’s a Siren now, trained by the late Maya. However, as she follows in the footsteps of Maya and tries to be a good leader some of the old guard doesn’t agree with her. Therefore, the old guard is taking matters into their own hands and going about their own way. This would create a “Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America” situation.

Two teams that both try to do the right thing but both have different interpretations of how things should be done. This is where you – as the player – have to choose your alliance throughout the game. Therefore, some main story quests can have two ways to complete the mission. Your choice will determine if you are Team Ava or not.

Ava hanging out at the vendors

The Consequence of your actions

The choice decisions you make can create interesting story moments but they could also impact the world around you. This can simply be reflected in the decorations of the new main HUB where posters and flags reflect the dominance of your team.

The outcome of all your choices could impact the final moments of the game where the true leader will shine. Kinda how New Tales From The Borderlands gave you two options towards the end. One of the two leaders could take control and alter the final battle.

What about Ava?

Ava wasn’t the most beloved character upon Borderlands 3 release. If Gearbox Software wants our opinion on moving forward with the character they could use the data of our decisions thereby the community determines if Ava is worthy. However, with Ava’s Murder Mysteries, she has been on a redemption arc.

That said, here is another interesting thing Gearbox Software could do. Your choices could just be an illusion and act as the character growth arc for Ava. Where she evolves from an inexperienced leader that is being challenged to rise above and step up as a leader as we move toward Borderlands 5. This could create interesting dynamics throughout the game and also strengthen the prophecy of needing all the Vault Hunters for the war.

This leaves me with the question, who should lead the other team? Let me know your opinion in the comments or tag @MentalMars on social media!

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