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Will Borderlands 4 Resolve This Big Mystery?

Tannis unlocking the Vault Key to locate Lilith
Will Tannis be able to locate Lilith?

Gearbox Software left us with one giant question at the end of Borderlands 3. After the final battle with Tyreen the Destroyer, we see Lilith take flight and lock Elpis in its place preventing the moon from crashing into Pandora. This brave move leaves a giant Firehawk symbol engraved into Elpis but Lilith is nowhere to be found.

Will Gearbox Software resolve the mystery surrounding Lilith in Borderlands 4?

What do we know

  1. After Lilith collides with Elpis we see the Firehawk symbol engraved into the moon.
  2. We see a drawing of Tannis trying to figure out where Lilith might have gone during the credits of Borderlands 3.
  3. When you go to Lilith’s room aboard Sanctuary III you will find the Vault Key on the table. When you activate it, you can see that now Elpis has wings in the projection.
  4. At the end of Ava’s Murder Mystery quests, she reiterates that the Seer stated that she would find what she was seeking. To her, this means that Lilith is still out there and that they are going to find her.

What does this mean

The first three points were hints that Gearbox Software included in the game at launch. They were mysteriously hinting at things to come, however, that wasn’t obvious to everyone. Therefore, the fourth hint was added later on through DLC 6 – The Director’s Cut – and this is Gearbox Software clearly saying “Lilith is not gone, this is us setting up the next chapter in our story”.

However, how does this impact the future of the franchise and what does this mean for Borderlands 4? There are multiple great fan theories, however, there are two big ones I would love to see some truth to.

Is Lilith the 7th Siren?

Evil Lilith

MystiqueSiren had an interesting theory about Lilith during the BorderCast. With Lilith missing, has she gone to a place where she isn’t registered as a Siren in the universe? Therefore, the universe corrects itself by creating a new Siren because there are always 6 Sirens. However, when we go and rescue Lilith, is she going to be the 7th Siren that Nyriad warned us about in the Eridian Glyphs? She told us to never find the 7th Siren.

Nyriad was the Siren that was responsible for the destruction of the Eridian. By leeching their powers she could seal away The Destroyer. Haunted by her actions, she sealed herself in the Vault on Nekrotafeyo as she feared that her power were too dangerous to be used. Eventually, Typhon DeLeon and his wife Leda opened the Vault and Nyriad’s power manifested in their children, the Calypso twins.

Borderlands Lore

Guardians Controlled by the 7th

Will Borderlands 4 Resolve This Big Mystery?

EruptionFang did a great overview video of the Siren Lore and the 7th Siren. A cool detail he added at the end is the Overseer, a Guardian who waits for you at the Proving Grounds.

The Overseer talks about their master, and them taking notice of you. While their identity stays unclear, it could be implied that these Guardians that watch over the events in the universe are guided by the 7th Siren.

The Seer was orchestrating the outcome of events by manipulating the Vault Hunters. Sirens are the only ones that have free true free will. Is the 7th Siren strong enough to manipulate the other six Sirens?

I’m really curious about what you think of this. Let me know your opinion in the comments below or tag @MentalMars on social media. Are we going to rescue Lilith in Borderlands 4 or is she going to be the villain going forward?

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