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Gearbox Software can Shake Up the Borderlands Universe by doing this

Borderlands 4: Will the Eridian Return?
Borderlands 4: Will the Eridian Return?

The Guardians were created in the image of the Eridian and are the closest thing to this extinct species. They both play a major role in the Borderlands franchise but what if I told you there is a way for the Eridian race to return to the Borderlands universe and how that could impact the galaxy?

They Sealed Their Doom

The Eridians were a mysterious and highly intelligent race in the Borderlands universe. While their legacy remains ever present in the galaxy, the species itself went extinct when a Siren called Nyriad leeched their life force in order to seal away the Destroyer. This is something we learned by deciphering the Eridian Slabs in Borderlands 3 as they contained audio logs from Nyriad.

Nyriad’s messages told us how she lived alongside the Eridian and the sacrifices she needed to make. She also warned us of the 7th Siren and that is something Borderlands 4 could focus on alongside the mystery surrounding Lilith,

However, the series could take a turn if Gearbox Software capitalizes on something they set up with New Tales From The Borderlands. Because in that game’s ending, Gearbox Software basically gained the ability to revive anyone in the Borderlands Universe.

Back From The Grave

Borderlands fans would like to see their favorite characters like Maya and Scooter return but what if Gearbox Software used that power from New Tales From The Borderlands to revive the Eridian race?

This change in the Borderlands Universe could really stir up the main story as the Eridian would also have an agenda of their own. It would give the developers the ability to explore the Eridian race further instead of leaving everything in a mysterious cloud. What were their goals in sealing the Vault Monsters, how did the Vault Hunters interfere with that, and what actions should they take now?

Having the Eridian back would also mean that Gearbox Software could add them as a weapon manufacturer again. Which is also something fans have wanted for a while.

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